Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dragons World app

Wish I could give a 5 I would have rated this a 5 but yesterday I sprung for the dragon resort and today its gone and so is the 5000000 I spent to get it im furious I've been saving up for that for a while now I want this fixed and my resort returned to me please and thank you - steve young

 Raise dragons and watch them grow from little babies into huge, beautiful creatures. Breed unique dragon species using the ones you already have. Build and develop your dragon sanctuary on the Flying Islands.
Game features:
– Full 3D environment and camera rotation
– Lots of unique and diverse dragons
– Battles with other players
– Purchase new islands to expand your sanctuary
– Visit your friends’ islands and exchange gifts
– Achievements and leaderboards

Will not connect to my facebook I traded my Iphone in for an Android and when I tried to load my game on the new phone it made me start all over. I still have the game on the computer where I am on a level 20 and I have done everything I can think of to get the game to load that is at a level 20. I do not want to start over and I want to be able to play on my phone. Please Help because I have gotten to a point that I no longer want to play unless I can get this fixed

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